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Fees haven fallen

Fees have fallen


It is no surprise to most that South Africa is experiencing one of toughest economic slumps in recent history. We hear daily about the difficult choices that our corporate customers are faced with in order to remain relevant in today’s economic climate as well as the ever escalating cost pressures that we as South African citizens are grappling with. Research from various institutions has shown how supply chain management as a scarce and critical skill will be a major contributor to economic reform and will truly enable South Africa to “do more with less” and drive efficiencies and innovation that see us emerge stronger from this economic down-turn.

At CLX we are aware of the importance of our local and international education offerings in building a strong skills foundation within the supply chain community and have been asking ourselves how can we do more to catalyse a supply chain skills base that speaks to the needs of the industries we serve. Cost has always been a major barrier to creating accessible learning opportunities and, as supply chain practitioners, we have been working hard to lean our own supply chain to the benefit of our customers.

We are not offering discounts nor special offers, we are introducing a new norm for supply chain education – one that is all inclusive and seeks to have a lasting impact on developing the much needed supply chain skills across South Africa.


If you are interested in studying a SAPICS course, APICS certification or an accredited CLX skills programme/ learnership, please don't hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you in class or online!

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