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The Warehouse Classroom

So what is a Warehouse Classroom? Since the industrial revolution when warehouses first made their appearance, companies have sought to make better use of these structures and optimise how their warehouse staff interact with the goods they hold.

Warehouse Management Training has long been the realm of theoretical teaching and learning. Experienced lecturers understand the key concepts and explain as best they can, making use of real-life examples.

But what if students could learn and see how these examples can be brought to life in the classroom?

Enter the CLX Warehouse Classroom  a modern-day miniature warehouse kitted out with materials handling equipment, including barcode scanners, racking & shelving and various pallet types, and more.

We believe students should learn using the industry standard equipment found in their own warehouses.

Become a Warehouse Classroom Sponsor

CLX is looking for like-minded sponsors who are passionate about transforming the Supply Chain and Warehouse Management education landscape.

We want to engage with sponsors who are looking for long-term branding and advertising opportunities but who also want to empower students to learn in an interactive - hands on environment.

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