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Innovative Customised Education Solutions

CLX prides itself on developing educational courseware and learning aids that go beyond the classroom in assisting learners gain the knowledge and insights required to operate in an environment as complex as the supply chain industry.

As educators, supply chain practitioners and business coaches we understand the need for an integrated training approach that caters for business processes, systems thinking and innovative training programmes that seeks to instil a fundamental shift in behaviour to ensure employees are active contributors to the successful execution of an organisation’s strategy and thus ensure the maintenance of high customer service levels, both internally and externally.

A 21st century education should equip students with the skills to succeed in a 21st century world. At CLX, we’re building an education methodology that trains the workforce in the supply chain skills necessary to sustain innovation and growth in organisations and the economy.

We have developed a method of teaching that emphasizes practical, sustainable skills and prepares students to achieve their career goals and become more productive employees.

Corporate Offerings

Practical Classroom Engagement

Practical Classroom Engagement

Classroom learning, where indicated, serves as a vital component of the total learning experience and provides “hands-on” learning activities that support the 70/20/10 learning principle. Often, however, classroom learning is treated as a purely theoretical learning experience and never fully captialisescapitalises on the important interaction between subject matter exports experts and students that may be afforded by constructing practical learning activities to ensure this takes place.

As an organisation that has pioneered the application of simulations with supply chain learning, CLX always seeks to create classroom learning that is engaging,  and entertaining, and seeks to embed practical understanding within each course developed.

eLearning First Design

Aligned with the overall objective of the client’s skills development goals to do training whilst ensuring minimal disruption to work activities, CLX designs courses with an eLearning first approach.

Typically, eLearning is designed as an “add-on” to traditional delivery methods, which sees online content created that is disinteresting and does not create internal motivation to complete eLearning courses.

CLX’s approach is vastly different, in that eLearning content is designed as the cornerstone to learning in a manner that creates “pull” requests from learners and keeps learners engaged and motivated to complete the online learning activity even if they do not complete the entire course in one sitting.

Virtual Content - beyond classrooms

Further supporting both classroom and eLearning, is the deployment of virtual content through embedded content contained within printed material. Virtual Content is simply the layering of digital information on top of the physical world. This means that, when using viewing virtual content on a mobile phone or tablet, users can unlock and interact with digital content from the world around them, whilst deriving further return on eLearning development spend and engaging learners through alternative channels.

High touch animation

High touch animation

Utilising the latest tools and techniques, we develop elearningeLearning content that has become the benchmark for supply chain elearningeLearning.

Gone are the days of creating content in the hopes that a learner will review it because they are mandated to do so, and, if they do, what hope is there for retention if the content is not of a professional standard.

By designing “fun” and interactive elearningeLearning content, CLX makes believers and active participants of learners, to the extent that participation and knowledge retention is upheld by virtue of the fact that the production quality of the content is akin to that of Hollywood movie studios and thus by definition entertaining yet meaningful. 

AssessMe by CLX is an assessment platform that addresses a simple need that most learners and organisations have -   to determine the focal areas based on an employee's job role that require skills development.

Ideally, each employee would complete an AssessMe assessment prior to a Personal Development Plan (PDP) discussion, following which a skills report would be produced that not only indicates skills gaps but also which internal or external courses would fill those gaps.

This is the starting point for many skills development, succession planning or recruitment discussions to take place.

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We have a lofty goal – To Reinvent Training. We understand this is no small task, but we are not a small-thinking company. We’ve always worked to create solutions that solve big problems. So then, what could be bigger than helping organizations to reinvent their workforce - the only way to do that is to change thinking. With better training comes better thinking

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